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    Leon & León Low-Carb Fries currently not available in supermarkets

    Over the last years, many people have been introduced to world’s very first low-carb fries. The unique features – crunchy outside and smoothy inside – were often very positively perceived by consumers. Your appreciation was reflected in a very high customer loyalty of over 94% at Albert Heijn!

    Following the successful launch of the Leon & León low-carb fries in October 2019 at Albert Heijn, we regret to share the news that our fries will be temporarily unavailable at the supermarkets by the end of February 2023.

    The corona period caused huge turmoil in the fries market and producers went through tough times, which ultimately led to our producer’s decision to no longer schedule production of Leon & León fries.

    However: we expect a successful reintroduction in the near future!

    Please keep an eye on our website for more information and developments!

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