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    What is the perfect preparation?

    Yes, you can fry these fries in oil, you can put them in a standard oven, but why would you? Preparation in frying oil and ovens adds calories and carbs, so we advise to prepare them in an airfryer to keep the low nutritional values.

    Fries are a natural product, so the nutritional values can differ within each bag of fries. Different potatoes harvests lead to different quality of the potatoes. The coating can vary in thickness and therefore the preparation time can also change. We will always monitor, but differences cannot be excluded.

    Also important to know is that our fries respond very precisely to heat. So handle it carefully.

    Preheat the airfryer (based on the Philips 2100W Airfryer XL) to 180 °C. Fry approx. 250 grams of fries golden yellow at 180°C in 8½ minutes. Halfway through the frying process, give the container of the airfryer a good shake to achieve a perfectly crispy product.

    Every airfryer is different, so you can decide for yourself whenever you think they are crunchy enough. Do not freeze again after defrosting.